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Post 1, Bloomington, Minnesota
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$100 Off iPhone® X Back Glass Repair @ Experimax Coon Rapids, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
The back glass shell of an iPhone® X is delicate, fragile, and users are almost guaranteed to break it. At $1,000.00, the iPhone® X is one of the most expensive phones on the market. Repairing or replacing the back glass of the iPhone® X...read more
Hennepin, MN Cell Phone Repair Businesses
Experimax Coon Rapids, Cell Phone Repair, Computer Repair, Computers, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
13060 Riverdale Dr NW Ste 700
Coon Rapids, MN 55448
(763) 703-3939
Halted by a slow computer, frustrated with a broken phone screen, troubled by outdated systems—if you’re tired of dealing with issues surrounding your Apple® products, turn to a knowledgeable computer repair team. Specializing in both co...
Biz Co. 2, Cell Phone Repair, Bloomington, Minnesota
10800 Lyndale Ave, Suite 300
Bloomington, MN 55420
GOAT, Cell Phone Repair, Bloomington, Minnesota
10800 Lyndale Ave, Suite 300
Bloomington, MN 55420
(952) 278-0644
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Ryan Robinson, Arthroscopic Surgery, Business Networking, Cell Phone Repair, Bloomington, Minnesota
10800 Lyndale Ave, Suite 300, Suite 300
Bloomington, MN 55420
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What Are the Most Common Culprits Behind Cellphone Damage?, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
This summer, you’ll take your smartphone on all of your adventures, whether you’re headed on a road trip or just preparing for a festive Taco Tuesday. However, the environments ...read more
3 Computer Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
You rely on your computer every day for work and pleasure, and the last thing you want to deal with is sluggish speeds and breakdowns. Computers need some extra care at home, much of...read more
3 Enticing Features of the Apple Watch®, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
In the same way Apple® transformed phones with the iPhone®, they’ve also transformed wearable technology with the Apple Watch®. This cutting-edge development lays the groundwork for ...read more
DEAL: Free iPhone Battery Evaluation, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
An iPhone® battery that runs out before you expect it to is extremely frustrating.  Over time, smartphone batteries lose their capacity to hold a full charge.  For a limite...read more
4 Summer Learning Apps for Kids, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
It’s easy for children to forget crucial school skills over the summer, and you don’t want yours struggling to get back into the swing of things when they return to the classroom.&nb...read more
ARTICLE: Tips to Keep Your iPhone® from Overheating This Summer, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
If you’ve ever picked up your iPhone® device only to find it warmer than usual, you’ve likely experienced overheating. Overheating shortens the life of your iPhone® ba...read more
COUPON: Free MacBook® Air Cleaning, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
One thing that shortens the life of a MacBook® Air is overheating.  You wouldn’t believe the quantity of dust and hair INSIDE your laptop, making it difficult for the fan&n...read more
Why Certified Pre-Owned Apple® Products Are a Great Investment, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Laptops, cellphones, and tablets are absolutely essential in modern society, but they can also be extremely expensive if you’re not careful. Even the latest entry-level dev...read more
4 FAQs About Apple® Batteries , Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Apple® products are known for their cutting-edge technology and user experience. But like any technological device, they’re not flawless. Fortunately, many problems, including some b...read more
Common Reasons Your Computer Is Slowing Down, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Maybe you’ve noticed that your applications or internet pages take longer than usual to open up, or your computer takes forever to turn on. This type of problem doesn’t get better o...read more
Why You Should Recycle Your Old Computer, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Because of the rate at which technology is advancing, landfills are becoming overwhelmed with MacBook® laptops, iPad® tablets, smartphones, and other digital devices. When it co...read more
Get a $150 Experimac Gift Certificate for only $99!, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Get a $150 Experimax Gift Certificate for only $99.  Perfect for graduation gifts!   They’ll need a computer the will last through college, that means it should be an...read more
Free Battery Check For Any iPhone® Device Models, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Is your iPhone® battery draining fast?  Here are 5 solutions you can try for yourself: 1. Clear all background apps and restart your iPhone® 2. Check bat...read more
Tips for Managing Children's Digital Devices, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Parenting gives you no shortage of things to worry about for your children, and technology is no exception.  The digital world is as commonplace at school and daycare as it is a...read more
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