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How Old Should My Child Be to Wear Contacts? September 25, 2019

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How Old Should My Child Be to Wear Contacts?, Anchorage, Alaska

From a more natural field of view to eliminating condensation, there are many benefits to wearing contacts. However, they also require a certain level of skill and patience to put in and take out every day, as well as maintain. If you want your child to enjoy the advantages of contact lenses, use the following guide to find out if they’re ready for this responsibility.

What Do Doctors Recommend?

According to a study conducted by the American Optometric Association (AOA), the majority of doctors believe that the best age to introduce your child to contacts is between 10 and 12 years old. Patients under the age of 18 are seen as suitable candidates for contacts because they are less susceptible to dry eyes. This is one of the most common problems that adults experience when wearing contact lenses, but it only develops as you get older.

contactsContacts are advantageous for kids who play extracurricular sports. For those in track or cross country, they won’t have to worry about their glasses being jostled or falling off. If your child plays basketball or football, contacts will also make them less vulnerable to eye injuries caused by another player accidentally breaking their frames. 

What Other Factors Should Influence My Decision?

While an eye doctor’s opinion will certainly sway your decision, it’s also important to consider that every child is different. If your child is not yet 10 but is incredibly conscientious when it comes to taking care of their room and belongings, they might be ready for contacts. If your child is over 12 and still has trouble remembering to complete their chores or bring their textbooks to school, you might want to hold off. 

Before making a final decision, make sure your son or daughter is capable of learning and following a doctor’s instructions on a daily basis. They’ll need to insert the lenses every morning and remove them in the evening. They’ll also need to know how to handle the contacts and disinfect them properly.


If you believe your child is ready for the switch to contacts, take them to Cook Inlet Eyewear of Anchorage, AK. They have been providing top-quality eyewear to area residents since 1994. With the help of their pediatric specialists, you can ensure your child walks out of the shop with the perfect contacts or glasses for their needs. To learn more about this optician, visit the website or call (907) 276-1021 today.

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