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The Most Popular Types of Artisan Breads September 16, 2019

Hialeah, Miami-Dade County
The Most Popular Types of Artisan Breads, Hialeah, Florida

Whether you need something to hold you over while you browse the menu or want to fashion a gourmet sandwich, nothing hits the spot quite like artisan bread. Whether they’re served alone or with a filling like cheese, jam, butter, these breads offer textures and flavors that you can’t find at the supermarket. If you’re interested in learning more about the artisan breads you enjoy, learn about three of the most popular varieties below.

3 Types of Popular Artisan Breads 

1. Gallega (Spanish Classic)

Originating from Galicia, a region in Northern Spain, this traditional rustic bread with 500 years of history keeps fresh for longer thanks to its long fermentation process. The lower salt content also helps to keep the crispiness longer. Its the perfect artisan bread!  In the early period, pilgrims from all over Europe left their homes to travel along ‘The Way of St James’ or ‘The Pilgrims Road’ with a common goal: to reach Santiago de Compostela, one of the two main pilgrimage centers of the world. It is believed the gallega bread was a daily gift from every village along the road to Santiago to each pilgrim to keep them from going hungry on their journey. It is made with wheat flour and rye that are mixed together to create this crispy bread with light airy crumb. Gallega bread combines very well with flavourful dishes and it is the perfect one to use for meat sandwiches.

2. Ciabatta

Hailing from Italy, this white bread is often served sliced. With a flat bottom and a domed top, it should come as no surprise that ciabatta means “slipper” in Italian.

Its tough, floury crust hides a fluffy interior filled with bubbles and pockets. Developed as a response to the French baguette, the ciabatta is a popular choice for sandwiches and the best choice for pasta and carpaccio dishes.

3. Sourdough Baguette (Pan Pannier)

artisan breadThis artisan bread is a common feature on dinner and restaurant tables. However, sourdough bread is much more than just a pre-course appetizer. Instead of yeast, bakers begin the arduous production process with the lactobacillus bacteria culture (a “friendly” type of bacteria). The result is a thick, weighted bread with a tangy aftertaste, best enjoyed alone or with butter.


If your mouth is watering for a selection of artisan breads now, turn to EuroPan of Hialeah, FL. This wholesale bakery has over 15 years of experience supplying hotels, restaurants, and other businesses with delicious artisan bread. They bake the treats until they’re 80% ready, then use rapid freezing methods before sending them off. That way, you can finish the baking process in your business and treat customers to a fresh-tasting and aromatic loaf. To learn more about their selection, visit their website, or call (305) 392-5555.

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