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Understanding Safety Operations in Cold Storage Facilities September 16, 2019

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Understanding Safety Operations in Cold Storage Facilities, Hialeah, Florida

Cold storage facilities may be a bit of a mystery. As a business owner,  you might be considering using one but are unfamiliar with all of its uses or what safety precautions should be taken. This guide will help you better understand this type of storage and their safety practices.

What Items Are Best Used For Cold Storage?

A cold storage facility operates in an extremely low-temperature environment—often sub-zero—to preserve certain foods and items. A business may not have the proper facilities for storing goods, or they may have overstock that needs storage. In these instances, cold storage would be an ideal choice. While perishable food most commonly requires low-temperature storage, drinks, pharmaceutical medicines, film, candles, and artwork are also commonly stored in these facilities. 

What Are Common Safety Practices? 

cold storageAn essential safety precaution is to properly outfit the staff with safety gear and protective clothing, minimizing adverse reactions from the cold. Professional facilities will also often create a streamlined transfer of goods within the space.

Since companies frequently need to remove products from the cold space, these units become active with people, forklifts, and transport vehicles. This kind of bustle calls for well-distributed lighting throughout the cold storage space to achieve maximum visibility. This avoids potential traffic accidents and keeps signage clear, allowing for all safety protocols to be followed. 


The next time you need a cold storage facility, reach out to a trusted operation like EuroFreezer Cold Storage in Hialeah, FL. Their impressive facility contains over 14,000 square feet of refrigerated storage, all maintained at a constant -10 degrees. They’re known for keeping meticulous standards to ensure both the safety of their staff and the preservation of goods. To find out more about their freezer space, call (305) 392-5555. Learn additional information about the company by visiting their website

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