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3 Causes of Pipe Corrosion September 3, 2019

Palmetto Bay, Kendall-Palmetto Bay
3 Causes of Pipe Corrosion, Kendall-Palmetto Bay, Florida

Pipe corrosion can cause serious leaks and issues in your home plumbing system. As they deteriorate under environmental factors, they’ll need to be replaced immediately before problems arise. Staying ahead of the issue can save you time and money, so consider the following if you have concerns.

Reasons Pipes Corrode

1. pH Imbalances

If the pH levels in your water are below 7.0 pH, copper pipes can corrode. As the ions rust or oxidize, they’ll leave behind a blue-green residue on piping and fixtures. If the pH is above 8.5, common with alkaline waters, copper will also corrode. Have your water tested every year, especially if you’re drawing water from a well, as it will have a higher mineral content.

2. Bacteria

plumbingSulfate and iron bacteria are common culprits of plumbing pipe corrosion. Sulfate, for example, will generate sulfide gas and contribute to erosion. This is often identified by a rotten egg smell. To detect these, a plumber will have to test your water and look for signs of corrosion on your piping and fixtures. You may need to use a filter or upgrade piping if bacteria are causing problems.

3. Heat

Intense water or gas heat passing quickly through piping can cause general wear and corrosion over time. This will be most common around water heaters, gas lines, and furnace piping. Signs of wear generally appear at elbow joints where the liquid or gas changes direction quickly.


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