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3 Types of Alcohol That Require Refrigerated Storage May 3, 2019

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3 Types of Alcohol That Require Refrigerated Storage, Hialeah, Florida

Similar to perishable foods that can spoil, alcohol also has a shelf life. To preserve alcoholic integrity and its resulting flavors, it’s important for wineries, breweries, and liquor distribution companies to keep their products cool between deliveries. Here are three types of alcohol that require refrigerated storage so you can provide the best possible products to your customers.

What Types of Alcohol Require Refrigerated Storage?


Wine lasts longer if it’s sealed airtight and stored properly at a consistent temperature. Keeping wine refrigerated between 50 to 55° F will prevent it from souring. Cold storage can also help prevent the liquid from taking on a cloudy appearance or settling at the bottom of the bottle.


refrigerated storageStoring warm beer for extended periods will shorten its shelf life, particularly for non-pasteurized and full-flavored beers. Not only is warm beer unappealing, but it can also lose its integrity and consequently some of its flavors without refrigeration. Consistent refrigeration of about 38° F will help your beer maintain its freshness, flavors, and aromatics.

Fruit & Cream Liqueurs

Fruit liqueurs such as Aperol® have below 15% alcohol volume and therefore tend to spoil more quickly at room temperature. To avoid this issue, it’s best to refrigerate them. The same goes for cream liqueurs such as Bailey’s®, which can spoil more quickly when left out, due to its dairy content. Keeping both fruit liqueurs and cream liqueurs refrigerated will help retain their quality and flavors.


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