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Before Installing a Garden Shed, Take These Steps to Prepare Your Ground April 4, 2017

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Before Installing a Garden Shed, Take These Steps to Prepare Your Ground, Rapid City, South Dakota

Garden sheds and utility sheds are handy additions to your backyard, but they must be set up correctly. If you don't prepare the installation site, your shed could sink, tilt, or be prone to flooding and other hazards. The experts at Murphy Sheds, with locations in Casper, WY, and Rapid City, SD, say there are a few things you must do to ensure your ground is ready for shed installation.

 4 Tasks to Prepare Your Shed Installation Site 

Consider the Site

Make sure the installation site you choose offers easy access to your gardening shed. Determine a position for the building so the door will open over a flat area. Consider hills, trees, and other impediments that could make it hard to carry heavy equipment, bags of mulch, and other large items back and forth.

Remove Debris

Shed Casper WYObstructions like trees and shrubs as well as leaves, sticks, and other outdoor debris must be cleared before the shed is placed. Make sure you have enough room for 3 feet of clearance on each side of the shed.

Flatten the Ground

If you’re adding a galvanized steel-based shed like those at Murphy Sheds, the site will work as long as it’s flat. Dig and compact the ground to eliminate bumps and dips. Mark the site with stakes and string, and use a measuring tape to ensure it’s as even as possible.

Use Gravel Fill

For areas that require fill, use gravel compacted with masonry blocks. Filling the area with sand won’t allow sufficient drainage, and the installation site will erode faster. Consider installing PVC drainage pipes before placing the shed in your yard.

Once the ground is prepared for your utility or garden shed, place it carefully so it doesn’t need to be shifted. If you need help with shed selection or installation, call Murphy Sheds at (605) 355-6860 in South Dakota or (307) 266-2066 in Wyoming. From playsets to detached garages, they have the outdoor structures you need. Visit their website to view their inventory of products.

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