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Before Building a Detached Garage, Consider These 4 Key Factors January 25, 2017

Rapid City, Pennington
Before Building a Detached Garage, Consider These 4 Key Factors, Rapid City, South Dakota

A detached garage can serve many purposes, from a shelter for vehicles to a work area or storage space, so it adds value and utility to any residential property. But building a high-quality garage requires planning and forethought. The construction experts at Murphy Sheds have built many sturdy buildings for customers throughout South Dakota and Wyoming, and they say there are important factors to consider before adding a detached garage to your property.

Building A Detached Garage: 4 Things To Consider

Building Codes & Permits

Before launching any construction project, you must research your area’s building codes and permit requirements so you don’t run into trouble with the authorities. While wading through red tape can be a major chore for the average do-it-yourselfer, an experienced company like Murphy Sheds will handle the paperwork easily to keep the project on track.

Sturdy Foundation

garage needs a solid foundation, and it's crucial to assess the levelness and soil composition of the site for your detached garage. The experts at Murphy Sheds will visit your home before they install your garage or utility shed to ensure there’s a stable base.


Depending on your needs and local building codes, you may have to wire your garage for electricity. Any contractor who regularly builds detached garages will have experience handling any wiring issues that arise.

Quality Materials

Your detached garage should be constructed using materials that will visually complement your home and stand up to time and weather. A well-connected contractor like Murphy Sheds will have a selection of durable materials and attractive designs to ensure your detached garage suits your tastes and needs.

If your South Dakota or Wyoming property could benefit from the addition of a shed or detached garage, contact Murphy Sheds. From their locations in Casper, WY, and Rapid City, SD, they serve the entire region with quality outbuilding construction. Visit them online to find a location near you and check out their garage options and pricing.

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