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5 Ways a Playset Benefits Your Children's Health & Well-Being March 6, 2017

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5 Ways a Playset Benefits Your Children's Health & Well-Being, Rapid City, South Dakota

Activity on a playset is more than a lot of fun for kids — it’s also good for their health. According to Murphy Sheds, a trusted source of high-quality playsets in Rapid City, SD, and Casper, WY, kids will love climbing, exploring, sliding, and swinging on these fun outdoor structures almost as much as you’ll love knowing these actions are improving their health and well-being.

Murphy Sheds offers these ways your children will benefit from having a playset: 

5 Amazing Benefits Offered By A Playset

1. Enjoyable Exercise

Rapid-City-SD-playsetKids need to move to keep their bodies healthy, but keeping them active is a challenge as gadgets and video games grab their attention. By outfitting your property with a convenient playset they love, you’ll encourage them to get regular exercise.

2. A Screen-Free Break For Eyes

In the modern world, kids sometimes spend upward of 40 hours a week staring at various screens, from TV and video games to computers. Their eyes deserve a break, and playsets offer a low-tech antidote with plenty of old-fashioned fun. 

3. Improved Mental Health 

Studies have shown a link between activity and healthy cognitive function in kids. A playset is an easy way to get them outside to experience this significant benefit. 

4. Better Balance

Casper-WY-playsetBalance and coordination are crucial elements of healthy childhood development, and they can be acquired only from physical activity. An outdoor playset is a perfect way for your children to experiment and develop these skills. 

5. Happier Home Life

When your kids enjoy a playset in the comfort of their yard, you’ll feel at peace knowing they are safe at home. With a playset from Murphy Sheds on your property, you can ensure proper oversight of your children.

If you’re ready to install a fun, high-quality playset in your backyard, call Murphy Sheds at (605) 355-6860 for their Rapid City, SD, location or (307) 266-2066 for their Casper, WY, location. Visit their website to check out their playset selection and learn more about their sheds and garages.

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