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Since 1994, Cook Inlet Eyewear has been proudly serving the Anchorage, AK community. Over the last 20 years, the master opticians at Cook Inlet Eyewear have assisted hundreds of residents with all their eyewear needs. From reading glasses to pediatric eyewear and colored contacts, Cook Inlet Eyewear focuses on offering a wide selection of products that fit any customer’s needs and style preferences.

The fully licensed and board certified team behind Cook Inlet Eyewear has established a reputation for being the best. To them being the best means offering great eyewear options and unbeatable customer service by trained professionals. What really set Cook Inlet Eyewear apart are the people on board. They staff:

  • Two Master Opticians: Did you know there are only three master opticians in the state of Alaska? Two of them call Cook Inlet Eyewear their workplace.
  • A Contact Lens Pro: If you need to be fitted for contact lenses, Cook Inlet Eyewear employs Alaska’s only master contact lens technician. He specializes in scleral contact lenses for Kerataconus, Pelucid Marginal Degeneration, traumatic injury, or post-surgical needs like corneal transplants. If you’ve been having difficulty getting fitted with the right contacts, their technician will be able to help.
  • Pediatric Specialists: Cook Inlet Eyewear offers Alaska’s largest selection of pediatric frames. As certified pediatric specialists, they can fit all ages including infants two weeks or older after pediatric cataract surgery.

If you live near Anchorage, AK and you need to see a master optician guaranteed to carry the frames or contacts you want most, call Cook Inlet Eyewear today at (907) 276-1021. Visit their website for more information on their services and inviting facility.

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