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EuroFreezer Cold Storage

4390 E 10 Ct
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EuroFreezer Cold Storage, Storage, Services, Hialeah, Florida

Do you need space to store your frozen food, beverages, and other cold goods for orders and deliveries? Based out of Hialeah, FL, EuroFreezer Cold Storage offers freezer space and dry storage for commercial clients across that Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas. You can count on these professionals to provide ample rental space, affordable prices, and excellent customer support.


This state-of-the-art cold storage facility boasts tall 29-foot ceilings, more than 14,000-square-feet of refrigerated storage, and an additional 2,000-square-feet of dry storage. They keep the inside temperature at a consistent 10 degrees below zero—an ideal temperature for frozen vegetables, meat, and pharmaceutical medicines. Staff members continue to research efficient equipment that saves energy, protects the environment, and improves your competitive advantage.


One of the major factors that separate this commercial warehouse from other storage facilities is their dedication to meeting your bottom line. They provide flexible rental packages that feature month-to-month plans with no lease agreements. These adjustable rates are based on the pallet space you occupy during the rental period and can be increased or decreased depending on your operation.


As a leading force in temperature controlled logistics, clients will receive personal attention from knowledgeable storage experts. Their team offers insights and tips on utilizing the space for order fulfilments, returns, and repackaging.


Whether you need a primary storage space or a hold-over spot for local deliveries, you’ll find the solutions you deserve at EuroFreezer Cold Storage. Call them today at (305) 392-5555 to get started or visit them online for more information.

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