Flatlands, New York

Ahava Medical & Rehabilitation Urgent Care Center

Ahava Medical & Rehabilitation Urgent Care Center

2555 Nostrand Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11210
(347) 754-6537
Ahava Medical & Rehabilitation Urgent Care Center, Urgent Care Centers, Health and Beauty, Brooklyn, New York

You’ve been involved in a car accident or a medical issue has made it difficult to go about your normal routine. What are your options? Regardless of the severity of your injury or whether you require surgery, rehabilitation and physical therapy are always options. Through the care of the healthcare professionals at Ahava Medical & Rehabilitation Urgent Care Center in Brooklyn, NY, you’ll soon be on your way to recovery. For nearly 20 years, this medical center has given patients multiple options for medical care—from psychiatry and urgent care to pediatric care and occupational therapy.

Whether you’re in need of speech therapy or a podiatrist, their physicians will provide you with every option available to aid in your recovery. Other services available at this medical center include:

  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Cardiology
  • Gynecology
  • Neurology
  • Orthopedic Surgery

With two locations in Flatbush and Williamsburg, patients throughout Brooklyn have varied accessibility to their facilities. Each building is a four-story medical haven with separate pediatric and adult divisions. They also house multiple therapy rooms, gymnasiums, and therapeutic pools for their personalized rehab programs. Their pediatric division employs therapists who are experts at working with children while providing premium rehabilitative services, such as muscle strengthening therapy, sensory integration, and neurodevelopmental treatment.

Whether you or a family member requires some form of therapy, their team of over 150 therapists and staff members want nothing more than to see you leap toward recovery or develop increased movement and motor skills. Call Ahava Medical & Rehabilitation Urgent Care Center today at (347) 754-6537, or visit them online for more information.

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