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Every month seems to bring a new breaking story revealing the vulnerability of major corporations to the exploits of hackers, data miners, and identity thieves. As the malware software and identity theft techniques they use grow increasingly sophisticated, traditional antivirus software is not enough. Cyber Security for Parents, headquartered in Key Largo, provides cutting-edge internet security software designed to protect your identity and your family from a wide range of cyber-attacks, from keylogging to phishing attempts.

According to Microsoft, 7% of all downloads leave malware on a user’s computer, resulting in breaches of security which can plague you for years to come. Even if you practice safe internet browsing, most children do not, and malware can infect your computer without you realizing it. 

Many of these malicious programs log every keystroke of your computer, sending every login name, password, and other sensitive information directly to a cybercriminal waiting to steal your identity. These keylogging programs are notoriously difficult to remove, but the industry-leading encryption solutions and spyware removal services offered by Cyber Security for Parents will keep your data safe and secure.

The role of technology in everyday life continues to grow, bringing considerable risks along with the convenience they offer. To learn more about internet security software solutions from Cyber Security for Parents, visit their website or call (305) 508-5545 now to discuss your security concerns with a respected professional today.

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‪#‎DyreWolfAttack‬ swipes $1 million in wire transfers: The entire attack relies on ‪#‎socialengineering‬. The victims have to open the initial attachment and make the phone call more
‪#‎FBI‬ has It's own brand of ‪#‎Malware‬The most powerful FBI surveillance software can covertly download files, photographs and stored e-mails, or even gather real-time images by more
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What is a ‪#‎KeyLogger‬ ? ‪#‎Keylogging‬ is a widespread, serious threat. Keylogging hands over your personal info to ‪#‎Hackers‬,‪ #‎CyberPredators‬, and ‪#‎IdentityThieves‬. Anti– more
Rise in ‪#‎MobileMalware‬ calls for ‪#‎EfficientMonitoring‬: Being Pro-Active instead of Re-Active, applying Best Practices and Thinking before You Click on an Add or a link will more
‪#‎AndroidLollipop‬ won't use ‪#‎DefaultDiskEncryption‬ due to performance issues: Google has backed away from an early promise to enable full-disk encryption by default on all more
Keeping ‪#‎YourAccountsSafe‬ “password123” is about as safe as Bangladeshi roads. " There are these little programs called ‪#‎Keyloggers‬. This is the easiest way to get your ‪ more
Fox5 ‪#‎CyberSecurityExpert‬ suggests ‪#‎DataEncryption‬ to Protect Your Privacy: " The vast majority of Passcode Influencers oppose weakening encryption so that law enforcement more
Warning: How to avoid the scary ‪#‎NewMalware‬ infecting thousands of phones: The dangers of mobile malware are very real, and we’re now reminded yet again how quickly these more
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‪#‎Hackers‬ threaten ‪#‎SmartPhoneInYourPocket‬, Experts Warn! "The boom in ‪#‎SmartPhones‬ among often ‪#‎CarelessUsers‬ has made happy hunting for #Hackers, whose ‪#‎VirusAttacks‬ more
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‪#‎FREAK‬ out: ‪#‎Apple‬ and ‪#‎Android‬ ‪#‎SSL‬ is WIDE OPEN to‪#‎Snoopers‬, ‪#‎CyberCriminals‬ and ‪#‎Hackers‬ OpenSSL, iOS and OS X tricked into using weak 1990s-grade ‪#‎ more
" The gang started by sending emails to individuals in the organization.‪#‎Emails‬ used in ‪#‎spear #phishing‬ typically have attachments that look legitimate. It could be a Word more
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“It appears that Sony did not receive the FBI report” Over one year ago, the FBI released an Intelligence Assessment, “Potential Impacts of a Data-Destruction Malware Attack on a more
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Let’s be realistic. 2015 will be a giant of a year for #CyberSecurity and internet users worldwide will be affected. #CyberCriminals can now have their way and can Hack into just more
You may be at Risk if you have one of the following Routers     (12 million router devices in 189 countries across the globe have been compromised). Researchers have more
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WoW! New Movie #BlackHat actually demonstrates on screen how a #KeyLogger Captures Your KeyStrokes. No Worries! We have The Only Patented Solution with Our more
The malware has a #keylogging feature, but also includes the ability to start persistently, take screenshots and bypass user access controls, Ronnie Tokazowski, senior researcher more
#Android witnesses 300 times increase in #malwareAccording to Quick Heal's Annual #ThreatReportfor2014 , 536 new malware families and a further 616 new variants affecting the more
Secret US #cybersecurity report: #encryption vital to protect private data. Newly uncovered #Snowden document contrasts with British PM’s vow to crack down on encrypted more
TAMPA – A dubious distinction for Tampa Bay and Orlando.The metros are number one and two in America for hacker attacks on personal computers.Forbes Journalist Erika Morphy more