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Whether you’re battling cancer or have suffered an injury, the caring medical professionals from Savoy Medical Center want to help you recover and live well. With four locations across Mamou and Eunice, LA, this premier hospital and rehabilitation center aids a diverse range of patients in attaining optimal health and wellness.

With decades of experience behind each unit, the hospital specializes in behavioral health, oncology, and rehabilitation services. In the behavioral health unit, the team of psychiatrists and experts treats adult and geriatric patients with a diverse range of conditions from bipolar disorder to bulimia. For patient convenience, the medical facility offers both an intensive outpatient program and an inpatient hospitalization program.

The oncology unit offers an array of services including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and dietary consultations. These experts are dedicated to the latest and best in cancer diagnoses and treatments; they also offer comprehensive care for each individual, inside and out. Meanwhile, the rehabilitation program includes therapy, an expansive treatment gym, and a team of licensed physical therapists who help patients achieve the highest possible degree of functional independence.

Whether you or someone you know is suffering from a mental health condition or is coping with an injury, this hospital sets itself apart by combining cutting-edge treatment with friendly, personalized care. By focusing on one’s overall health and wellness, they are able to help patients sustain results, fend off future diseases and illnesses, and live more happily with less stress.

For the high-quality care you deserve, look no further than Savoy Medical Center. To learn more about the hospital or to schedule an appointment, call today at (337) 468-5261. You can also visit the website.

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