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The Interior Design Group by Kathleen, Interior Design, Services, Pittsford, New York

Since 1987, Interior Design Group has been providing top quality renovations and redesigns for homes throughout the greater Rochester area. Their residential construction experts and interior design professionals can tackle everything from bathroom renovations to full kitchen interior updates—and they can do it all on a strict time schedule! With an earnest commitment to efficient and diligent work, Interior Design Group makes even the most complicated projects appear easy, consistently producing results that are sure to beautify your home and increase its overall value.

Interior Design Group is the brainchild of Kathleen Avino, a construction-based interior designer whose background includes studies in fine art and interior design at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Avino has spent years perfecting her craft with stylish kitchen renovations, beautiful bathroom solutions, and a variety of window treatment styles and flooring ideas. She is also an established member of the Interior Design Society, the Association for Interior Design Professionals, and the Rochester Home Builders Association.

Interior Design Group has earned a reputation for sticking to firm deadlines and having a laser-sharp attention to detail. The company’s deep level of focus and dedication undoubtedly starts with Avino herself, as this renovation guru efficiently coordinates all the construction schedules and financial spreadsheets for every project. And, as a certified art instructor, Avino prides herself on offering “fine design on time”—in fact, her team once conducted a complete renovation job in just eight days!

But this Pittsford-based business is perhaps best known for their unparalleled customer service and personalized attention. They always begin the renovation process with a relaxed interview at your home, during which they take measurements, listen to your concerns and wishes, discuss inspirations, and figure out strict time and budget schedules. After this plan has been outlined, then the Interior Design Group can get to work transforming your house into the home of your dreams.

If you’re ready to see what Interior Design Group in Pittsford, NY can do for your home, then be sure to contact their renovation experts today. Call them at (585) 733-1380, or visit them online to set up your in-home consultation.

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